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Dr. Burtrum Tape Release

  • Valentine's 232 Southwest Ankeny Street Portland, OR, 97204 United States (map)

When The Future Was Now! Episode 5

Feast your x-ray eyes and intergalactic ears upon Portland’s first sci-fi cinema themed music festival, When The Future Was Now! coming to Valentines this November.

Each Wednesday in November a stellar array of musicians, authors and visual artists will embark upon futuristic odysseys exploring themes and attitudes inherent to five distinct decades of science fiction cinema.

Episode 5 - 1995 - Phantom Phreaks & Cereal Killers (Wed Nov 30th) will surf the wormhole-laden super highway of cyber-drenched 90’s cinema found in Johnny Mnemonic, Hackers and The Lawnmower Man.

This evening promises to be the dance party of the series, with all three acts touching upon the glitchy wave of 90’s rave and house culture while maintaining their own respective progressive pop agendas.

Featuring Dreckig (Máscaras), Dr Burtrum (Goo) and Bobbi Wasabi, with live visuals by Jon Timm. 

Additionally, Dr Burtrum’s hot new cassette, released through SDMPDX, will be available for the first time anywhere in the known galaxy! Rock your celestial quadrant with the sleaziest glitch this side of Sector G.

*Free to those dressed as cyberpunks, hackers, ravers, futuristic rollerbladers, telepathic dolphins or Yakuza!

Wed Nov 30th
Begins at 9PM
$5 cover except as noted* 
21 and over

Valentines, 232 SW Ankeny, Portland Oregon, 97204

Conceived, organized and promoted by Ron Mason Gassaway in coordination with Arya Imig and Valentines.

For more information please contact:

Dreckig: What started as drum lessons over ten years ago between longtime partners Shana Lindbeck & Papi Fimbres, they never thought their musical careers would culminate to this point of being a two piece dance/club cumbia infused/kraut band. Being in Orquestra Pacifico Tropical together since its inception, these two have definitely honed in their sound & musical prowess with their new band, Dreckig.

Dr. Burtrum: All hardware dance music blending acid house, techno and trance together with a sprinkling of sleazy lyrics and a love of trash. The result is a conglomerate of thumping beats and twisting synths that will urge you to move your body in compelling ways.

Bobbi Wasabi: Embodying the spirit of house music to the fullest, Bobbi Wasabi delivers the party with every performance. A handful of hardware is pushed to limits with an energetic ferocity worthy of any club. Bobbi creates a dance experience that--while reminiscent of classic house anthems and techno of the late 80s and early 90s--still charges forward into the future with a fresh and unique sound.
Jon Timm: I’ve been doing glitched out projections in portland for a couple years now. I’m also a musician; I play in a band called Bleach Blonde Dudes. Playing music had definitely given me a sense of how to compliment and mold to an artist's style; i try to make them look as good as possible and elevate their performance.

I sorta got lucky and my buddies from the band Talkative saw my instagram videos and asked me to do their visuals at mississippi studios. All I had was a tachyon glitch box, a vcr and some footage of a giant eyeball. Then, I started adding more gear to become a free standing entity. I got a video mixer and my own projector so i wouldn't have to depend on the venue as much. As soon as i got all the new stuff hooked up I had the ability to create even more effects on stage i didn't expect. Like getting video feedback over the band by shining the project over the entire group on stage and incorporating a camera into the mix. When other portland peeps saw what I was doing they hired me for more shows; Bands like, Mascaras, Minden, Megan Diana, Sandy Loam, Sun Angle, PartyBoyz, Fog Father, Reptaliens, Aluchatistas, Boone Howard, Surfs Drugs and Mermaid in China; have all helped make my digital dreams come true.