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St. John's Nofest 2014

SDM is honored, proud, and incredibly excited to have a number of our label's artists taking part in this year's Nofest.

SDM Artists performing include:

Stochastic Mettle Union


Noise Agency

Sister Mamie Foreskin

Chrome Mole Monocle


See the Full NoFest Lineup on their webpage:


What Is St Johns Nofest?

The St Johns Nofest is a free music and arts festival with over 90 performances this year. the event begins at noon in the historic town square, and continues across multiple venues late into the night. every conceivable and perceivable music genre is represented, as well as installations and a micro-film fest  showcase. growing into its 7th year, the SJNF is evolving and expanding. we are committed to staying avant garde… and awesome!