SDMPDX, llc consists primarily of two entities: SDM Records (SadoDaMascus Records) and Sonic Debris Multimedia.


SadoDaMascus Records

SadoDaMascus Records is a label handling the production, release, distribution, and marketing of a wide array of artists.  We are currently focusing primarily on artists from the Pacific Northwest, with common unifying elements in the artists' music including: the use of digital and analog electronics, a penchant for experimentation, a lack of reliance on traditional song structures, free-form or improvisational approaches, appreciation of the absurd, a tendency towards the surreal, open ears, boundless will, and adventurous attitudes.

While a number of artists being released by SadoDaMascus Records collaborate with Sonic Debris Multimedia, this is not always the case.


Sonic Debris Multimedia

Sonic Debris Multimedia began in 2004 with the creation of Sonic Debris Studio in the upstairs rooms of a house situated close to the University of Toledo in Toledo, OH. Consisting primarily of an M-Box and 2 SM57's, founder, Nicholas Swartz, set out to start capturing some noise. Operations briefly moved to Puntarenas, Costa Rica and then bounced around various locations in Toledo.

In 2010 Nicholas Swartz began working with Jubel Brosseau and Aaron Salomon in the Portland Community College analog recording labs. This team quickly coalesced into what is now Sonic Debris Multimedia. All parties produce their own music, play together in Sister Mamie Foreskin, and collaborate on recording sessions, mixing, mastering, video production, and visual art.

Sonic Debris Multimedia Artists include artists we have worked with in more of a production or recording sense, and are not necessarily released on the SadoDaMascus Records label.